In October 2018, my friend Jackie and I contemplated the inconveniences of selling gently used clothing, bags, and shoes on eBay, Poshmark, or Facebook pages. Each item would have to be individually listed and managed. The solution was a bi-annual pop-up shop in which we gather other friends experiencing the same problems and sell our items at a common venue. Our audience is largely on Instagram, so we chose this as our advertising platform and leveraged our social circles. 

Below are the promotional material I designed that helped us draw in about 60 attendees and generate over $1000 in sales.

The designs were intended to evoke the warmth of the holidays with the greens and a slight touch of holiday sparkle with the golds and yellows. The various ovals represent deconstructed mistletoe leaves, another subtle allusion to the holidays. 
Instagram Story Cover Image
Instagram Story Secondary Image
Instagram Feed Flyer

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